Oakfield Working Plummer Terriers...

Plummer Terrier - Oakfield DivaOakfield Plummer Terriers form part of the Ryhope & Dearne Valley Rat pack and actively seek to work our Plummer Terriers to all legal quarry. The rat pack consists of Pitman's, Brimar, Trian Plummer Terrier kennels and various other working terrier kennels.

Ryhope & Dearne Valley Ratters offer a completely free pest control service to land owners and farmers in order to control any rat or rabbit infestations. With over 25 years experience in this field you can rest assured that our service is reliable, courteous and effective, with all livestock, boundaries, fencing and buildings treated with the utmost respect. Written references are available on request from existing landowners who we operate this successful scheme for.

Pest species cause a phenomenal amount of damage to farm premises by gnawing through timbers and walls, burying underneath buildings, undermining walls and hedgerows etc…Also the cost of this damage is equally high to repair. Add to this the costs of lost revenue from destroyed crops, livestock feed which is consumed by these pests and the threat of diseases being passed to humans and livestock.

We use terriers specifically bred for this kind of pest control - they are species specific and are completely stock broken to horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, cows etc… The terriers locate exactly where the pests are then we use a variety of methods to catch them. The main benefit to this type of control is that the farmer and or landowner sees the exact amount of pests killed - REAL RESULTS! Our methods are far less dangerous than poisoning, which is indiscriminate in its workings, and once in the food chain can cause untold damage to other wildlife. It is also quite expensive to buy and difficult to administer.

All of the team are members of the Countryside Alliance and National Working Terrier Federation and as such, benefit from being fully insured to carry out pest control activities - giving the landowners total peace of mind that the job is being done by professionals.

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