The Plummer Terrier

A composition of Fell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle and Bull Terrier blood. Created and named after the late David Brian Plummer - a famous field sports expert and author of numerous books about his passion for hunting with lurchers and terriers. Originally created to hunt rats and rabbits. The Plummer Terrier was conceived in the 1960s and has now been bred to type for nearly 20 years.

Plummer Terriers
( left to right): Stonyford China, Coalville Lita and Oakfield Blade

Development of the Plummer Terrier...

Throughout the 60s and 70s Brian Plummer worked as a school teacher and on settling in the midlands he sort about consistently hunting rats with what was then his pack of russell type terriers. Continuing with his passion for writing Brian was soon established as a leading author in his field. An expert in dog genetics, Brian continued in his plight to produce a unique strain of terriers by combining the aforementioned blood lines with Jack Russell Terriers of seal cottage lines. These terriers were worked extremely hard and along with brian's reputation continued to develop into a breed of terrier that bred true to type.

Development throughout these times continued to be positive. Beagle blood was sort via an American show bred strain of Beagle. Working Fell Terrier blood was taken from Hinchcliffe and Nuttal lines, helping to further refine breed conformation and type. Other additions included; Jack Russell Terrier, dogs from the Chiddingfold and Leconfield Fox Hounds and Bull Terrier blood of unknown origins.

These legendary times bared witness to famous examples such as Vampire, his brother Warlock, sister Beltane and most notably, Omega - being a result of a Vampire x Janey (father x daughter) Mating. Brian worked tirelessly in order to establish breed type and all of these famous terriers displayed the characteristics we associate with the present day Plummer Terrier.

Brian Plummer sadly suffered a near fatal heart attack in 1985 and was forced to disperse his pack of terriers to trusted friends that would continue his legacy. Continue they did and by the early nineties a structure was put in place to establish order and evolution within the breed. The Plummer Terrier Association was born and committed to ensuring the breed was bred to a standard and positively promoted in order to help ensure a healthier future for this amazing little terrier.

plummer terriers
Four generations (right to left) Streton Billy @ Stanhill, Wyremead Cerberus @ Stonyford, Stonyford China @ Oakfield & Oakfield Blade