Welcome to the Oakfield Plummer Terriers web site...

We would like to thank you for visiting the Oakfield Plummer Terrier site. Established in 2000 and owned by Ian & Sue Marshall, Oakfield Plummer Terriers are a small kennel of working Plummer Terriers based in the south of Yorkshire. Our Plummer Terriers regularly partake in all legal activities involved with terrier work and professional pest control.

The Oakfield pack of Plummer Terriers
Oakfield Plummer Terriers
(left to right): Oakfield Diva, Oakfield Blade, Brimar Tori & Stonyford China.

About Oakfield Plummer Terriers...

Specialising in purebred working Plummer Terriers. We at oakfield kennels are responsible for breeding some of the finest examples of Plummer Terriers to date. Breeding "to standard" terriers whilst maintaining the certain characteristics associated with today's working Plummer Terrier.

Brian Plummer's vision was that the Plummer Terrier should not only have excellent hunting instincts but also be beautiful too. We believe it to be about finding the correct balance and endeavour to continue realising Brian's vision. Our dogs are testament to this - continuing to set extremely high standards both in the field and show ring. Proving that a balance between beauty and instinct is attainable.

All of our dogs are registered with the Plummer Terrier Association and therefore have a traceable history, dating back to the original dogs used by Brian Plummer in order to create the terrier we see today. If you require any more information please contact us via the email below.